Coroner Fraud

Homicide - Suicide - Unattended Death Cleanup


"I wanted to know why my county government had intervened in the free market for what amounts to a janitorial service. They had monopolized crime scene cleanup." Eddie Evans






A postmortum corruption among county employees cheating victims' families. Here's a new page on cronyism among government employees. It's a big job trying to get it started and getting back to it.

Free enterprise in crime scene cleanup no longer exists in the United States. Our county governments' employees created their own monopoly. What next? See my for my current activities. SSG Eddie Evans, Retired




An example of what I'm saying - see this Laguna Beach page --


cautionary statement

Eye witness account of employee trying to perpetrate fraud on victim's family.

What I Want - Minimum - Two Notes - Who wrote this page? - What is the coroner? - Who are the victims? - What is coroner fraud? - What Happens? - Why should I care? See Graphic - Proof? - Null Hypothesis - Cypress - Laguna Beach - Filthy House Cleanup Quote in Traubuco Canyon - Newport Beach Suicide Cleanup

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Coroner's Employees enjoy a monopoly over death cleanup at tax payer's and victims' families expense.





I write about cruel and despicable people in our Orange County Government. Unfortunately, they have peers in other counties across our country; their numbers have grown to monopolize the crime scene cleanup business, to cheat innocent families, to steal from the dead's loved ones. Eddie Evans


It's about victims' homeowners insurance and a privileged contact with victims' families. In this way coroner employees keep a monopoly over blood and death cleanup for their own enrichment. Sheriff-Coroner employees commit fraud against victims families for their "cleanup" needs. Families pay monopoly prices for blood and death cleanup as a result, but not everyone has homeowners insurance. It's throughout California crime scene cleanup companies and California counties; it's the same in most, if not all counties in the US.


What is the Coroner


A coroner is a county government bureaucrat. Coroners, often a medical examiner, have responsibility for investigating questionable deaths. Homicides, suicides, and unattended death reflect much of their work. Autopsies become a pathologist's concern in these matters, too.


Because of the close connection between questionable deaths and county law enforcement, we label the coroner's department as the "sheriff-coroner" in most United State's counties. In this regard, sheriff's deputies may work alongside coroners' investigators. Most likely coroners' investigators have the greatest access to victims' families and to their family assets.


With that said, some deaths come within the probate courts' jurisdictions. In these cases the county administrator's public guardians have the greatest access to victims' families. See this graphic of a fax sent to me by a homicide victim's mother. Her son's estate laid at rest for about one year before she received this incriminating email from a Mr. Mull. Mr. Mull refused to return my telephone calls, incidentally. His supervisor basically circled the wagons, so to speak.


Coroners also have responsibility for keeping death records. They ensure that their county employees retrieve decedents from homes, businesses, outdoors, and elsewhere. Rarely do coroners become concerned with deaths in hospitals.




What is coroner fraud?


Coroner fraud means self-enrichment by county employees at tax payer expense. Not just any county employees, but county employees privileged to have contact with victims' families. Coroner investigators, sheriff's deputies working within the offices of the county coroner, coroner office clerks, and others come into contact with victims' families.


Victims' families are often ordered (by law) to identify their next-of-kin. They must also retrieve their loved one's property. Then there's the document signing routine.


My eye witnesses have related to me over the years that it's at the coroner's desk that families receive their introduction to fraud. I suspect this is one scene. There are others, including homes.


Anyway, here, a county employee gives the family a telephone number or list of numbers to call for "professional cleaning." I have a facsimile of of such a document. It notes seven crime scene cleanup companies. Of these, four from Orange County and three from Long Beach with an asterisk to their left.


Some employees make comments like, "You must have a professional clean up this mess." But then, even police and sheriff's officers make such claims at bloody death scenes. I'm certain that most were misinformed. There are those law enforcement officers carrying crime scene cleanup company cards, though. I've been told by more than one apartment manager that a police officer offered the services of a crime scene cleanup company.


In fact, in Hollywood I saw a flyer left on an middle-class apartment receptionist's desk for blood cleanup. The blood cleanup company's card carrier was a homicide detective. That was years ago, I should add.


This type of employee represents racketeering of the worse sort in local government. Amazingly, in my early years as a crime scene cleanup broker I received calls from county employees across the United States. They were anxious to share their good fortune as new to crime scene cleanup, not to sign on as an Internet advertiser through my services. This once happened when an alleged Orange County Sheriff's Deputy, female, called for information. Her daughter was starting a crime scene cleanup company and "I have contacts in the coroner's department." Perhaps the caller was the sheriff herself?




Who are the victims?


Most often families are the coroner's victims. Yes, victimized a second time, and this time by those people we hire to serve and protect a victim's family. We can easily add businesses to the victims' list, like mine. We should include the homeowners insurance industry too. They take a big hit. Those families without homeowners insurance take a big hit in some cases. Some luck out and find me if they are not directed elsewhere.


Then, some companies clean for them at a reasonable rate, believe it or not. Then there are those families who must do the cleaning, which for many must be traumatic. See my do it yourself blood cleanup and do it yourself suicide cleanup web pages. These works in progress elude to coroner fraud as well.


I am talking about these victims:


  • homicide victims' families,
  • suicide victims' families,
  • unattended death leading to decomposition person's families,
  • traumatic blood loss victims' families.
  • free enterprise biohazard cleanup companies like mine --


I am saying that "victims' families become county employee victims." Coroner employees prey on the unknowing, emotionally traumatized, trusting families.

So then families become "prospects" for these select county employees. We also find these employees in the public guardian department (probate court). We even find one in the Orange County Fire Department.




What Happens?


When a family member leaves the coroner's office they may be given a list of companies. The companies on these lists are hand-picked by the referring employee. Beforehand, these blood cleanup companies know they will pay for each prospective customer's business. Usually a 10% finder's fee (kickback) goes to the referring county employee.


Some county employees may own one or more of the companies families are directed to use. A fire department employee owns one or more, apparently. No conflict of interest there.


Police officers or sheriff's deputies may leave a card with victims' families. I do not be live the this is a common occurrence, but it does happen. In my opinion, this type of fraud falls within the domain of the coroner's department most often. There a culture of greed grows with obvious opportunities to milk the system and grieving families.




Why Should I Care?


If you lived in a communist or fascist country, then there would be no point in caring who makes money cleaning up after death. But, if you live in a "liberal democracy" as we supposedly do, then you have a real concern here. Your local government has found an inroad to stealing from tax payers under the authority of law. Coroner's employees have no duty to clean after deaths or to play crime scene cleanup broker.


In fact, incursion of any county employees into the free market while on duty becomes problematical for a "free enterprise" country. Even off duty issues of conflict of interest arise.


Many good men and women have died face down in the mud and sand to keep us free enterprise friendly. Plus, how many of our newest veterans would like to start their own crime scene cleanup company in Orange County? Well, too bad, they cannot because our county employees have a monopoly over death cleanup in general.



Who wrote this page?


Court Service Officer - Teacher - Crime Scene Cleanup

I, Eddie Evans, wrote this page. I clean after death and have done so for over 12 years, 11 for profit. The last 11 years I have worked as an Orange County company doing business as Crime Scene Cleanup, Aquatic Power Wash (power washing -- now crime scene cleanup), Evans Enterprises, and more in Orange County.


The Internet has brought work to me well enough, but for Orange County crime scene cleanup.


I, for one, admit to receiving referrals from the Orange County Coroner's Department. In 2003 I received my second telephone call for a death cleanup from a coroner referred caller. Then about a month later I received another. So, "What's going on?" I wondered. "This isn't right?".


I wanted to know why my county government had intervened in the free market for what amounted to a janitorial service. They had monopolized crime scene cleanup. (return)


You see, according to clerks I spoke with by telephone at the Orange County Coroner's Department, cleaning companies are (were) referred by order of their area code. Mine was 714 at the time, which I no longer use but keep active. They explained that three telephone numbers for a given area code were "given" to families in need of cleaning services.


I tried to explain that none of this sounded right and that I did not think the county had any business in my business. They simply related that "That's the way it is and always has been." I was given no option but to take it or leave it. I left my number for their continuing lists. I still did not like it or appreciate it, especially with my Internet ranking skills.


This coroner's racket stunk and the most naive could hardly mistake it.

By 2005 the calls stopped almost completely. Out of state calls for Orange County crime scene, suicide, and unattended death did come, but rarely. That's how I came to know about the public guardian fraud. A lady from Detroit called and asked me how much I would charge for her son's murder cleanup.


Now it was up to the Orange County Internet to find work for me anywhere; for I had deduced that the coroner's employees had their power struggles over who gets what. What remained became the crumbs of this business. Employees were satisfied with the big dog's crumbs. I meant to become airborne at that time and soon did. I drove and flew nationwide to clean.


Court Service Officer


And "What could I do," I pondered. I could not petition the county because of Sheriff Corona. He had once promoted me to the first Orange County Senior Court Service Officer position. I worked in the central court located at 3700 Civic Center Drive, Santa Ana, municipal and superior courts. How would it look if I made a stink with Corona as Sheriff? Bad blood?


This was a dilemma. I thought that I owed this one time marshal's "Lieutenant Corona" a little more than common decency and respect. Besides, maybe I did not have enough proof. I did, but I suffered from denial. Plus there's something intimidating about taking on a county sheriff and government. How could I infer that our sheriff, this benefactor, was a crook?


I waited. He went to prison. Then very timidly I approached the various county officials to no avail. To make a long story short, I have come to the conclusion that I have little choice but to advocate for the dead in a conspicuous, public manner. Hence this page and my demonstrations in Santa Ana.




Recent events in the vain of "leaving no student behind" and arrests in school administration fraud did not surprise me. What did people think would happen when cheating for carrots opposed to sticks would become the dominant pedagogical model?


I had experienced a similar pressure while working as an English teacher for LA Unified. I was called onto the carpet routinely for not aiding a student who refused to read. I learned why he refused later on. The kid was stoned on heroin. That's another story. Making it short, I quit rather than agree to assimilation.


So cheating in education brought nothing new to me these last days of March and early April, 2013. After all, it's everywhere.


Getting to the point, it was the classroom where I learned to turn the computer into an educational tool for composition. Web pages then followed and I helped my writing students learn to write as if they were writing email. Not by design, but by chance, I would become a cookie cutter web master just as the Internet arrived and at the end of the dot networks.


I wrote to ESL and English teachers around the world by the dot networks. It took 28 hours for an email to reach Bangkok and return with a reply. Awesome. My students must have these skills soon, I believed.


For me these skills easily generalized to today's Internet. I once claimed over 2,000 web sites, not pages, web sites related to crime scene cleanup nationwide. I had become a broker as it became clear that the Orange County Coroner would not allow me to practice free enterprise in crime scene cleanup.


Crime Scene Cleanup Company Owner


So it came to be that I sent work to crime scene cleanup companies around the country. For the longest time I did so for free. Some I did myself, like a quadruple homicide in our nation's capital, 6th Street, Washington D.C. In this way my many web sites helped pick and choose work. It did not last long, though, as coroners employees put two and two together. We are talking about removing a bloody mattress for "$1,200."


So my brokering business was doomed almost from the start. Companies got in with their local county and city employees. Some county employees became the companies. I resented the entire idea from the beginning. "Screw the county coroner" I always thought and continue to do so.


My prospects for Internet crime scene cleanup advertising had a simi liar attitude toward me. "Why pay Ed Evans for something we get from the coroner and other civil servants?". And so it went and now I have fewer than 800 web sites.



My proof is deductive logic derived from failing Internet business nationwide, no Orange County work, and word of mouth stories. I prefer that readers not take my word for it. I am not Sherlock Homes. Do your own research. Go to google (63% of searches in the US) . Type in Orange County blood cleanup, Orange County crime scene cleanup, Orange county death cleanup, Orange County suicide cleanup. Although I have not checked in some time, the last time I ran this test I came up with at least 3 to 9 of my own web pages on the first page of


In fact, forget Orange County as key words. Simply type in blood cleanup, death cleanup, suicide cleanup, unattended death cleanup. See how often my telephone number comes up on the first page. I have forgotten. I do much better on Bing and Yahoo!


By the way, if you find someone ahead of me on the organic pages, pages below the pay-per-click pages, then you have an idea of what is going on. I will let you complete the thought. Most people in this business know about Orange County employees' iron grip over blood and death cleanup.


Incidentally, how is it that I can advertise for less than $1,000 and not receive legitimate telephone calls? Not one in months?


I believe that I have just pointed to empirical findings, facts. Believe me or not, it is your choice. But do tell me why a guy in his 7th decade would waste hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on a profitless venture?


A Null Hypothesis


Statistically, we do not find truth, but relative measures of fact. In the case of a null hypothesis and my Orange County crime scene cleanup business, I assert the following null hypothesis:


Eddie Evans finds after death cleanup work in Orange County, California.


To prove this claim in terms of a null hypothesis, we need only find people who have seen my vehicle in front of an Orange County death scene.

I would think that polling Orange County's various city police in this matter would do the trick.


Null Hypothesis Question: Have you recently or in the past seen a vehicle belonging to Eddie Evans in front of a death scene in your patrol area?


Now police usually have strong observation skills. They also know about violent and unattended deaths in their patrol areas. Surely they would know if they had seen one of my three vehicles, which I would provide pictures for this poll (each has sinage for my businesses). Officers would most likely answer to the negative, 99.999%. "No, I have not seen crime scene cleanup's vehicles in front of any Orange County death scenes recently or in the past for death cleanup."


My null hypothesis, Eddie Evans finds after death cleanup work in Orange County, California, is not proven.


Therefore, I do not clean crime scenes or other death scenes in Orange County police patrol areas, in spite of heavy advertising. Yellow page advertising is expensive and worthless, by the way.


I live in Cypress. It has been about seven years since I cleaned in this city. I doubt that anyone would care to remember if they could. I am certain that Cypress police officers have not seen me cleaning any time in the last five or six years, which they could easily confirm. This should be enough to prove what I'm getting at, coroner fraud; my null hypothesis again proves out.

I can only claim these reasons for continuing to march in the same direction:

  • victims' families need a voice
  • civic duty
  • social responsibility
  • a drive to rid government of pukes like those found in Orange County Government and our United States Government.
  • Maybe finally make some money in my county of residence.


I am a veteran after all. I have a duty to those veterans to follow me. They deserve a business friendly county government, not a blood sucking county government.



Eddie Evans Crime Scene Cleanup



















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